Who We Are

The Legacy House exists as a platform to help launch young women who have aged out of the foster care system into adult life with the tools necessary to succeed. We endeavor to help combat the increasing trend of youth homelessness and sex trafficking among the age‐out foster community by providing safe housing, life development skills, and Christian discipleship. In addition we desire to see each of our residents achieve educational greatness, therefore our residents are required to take advantage of the scholarship opportunities available to them and continue their formal education while residing at the Legacy House.

Overall we seek to be a community of support for every resident who joins our program both during their residency here and in their life to come.

Jeff Chaisson

Having worked for over a decade as an executive for Community Partnership for Children, Jeff is a veteran in Child Welfare Services. Listen to why he believes Legacy Housing is the solution to the age-out foster care crisis.

Russell & Daniela Holloway

Russell is the Director of the Port Orange, Daytona Beach, and the Ormond Beach Counseling Centers. Dr. Daniela is an anesthesiologist at Halifax Medical Center in Daytona Beach. Both care deeply about bringing healing to those in need here in Volusia County. Together they share why Legacy Housing is essential to our community and how we can all help bring healing to our orphan population.

Zoe’s Story

When she was 2 years old her father molested her sister, shortly after she went in to foster care. This is Zoe’s Story. Thank you for helping provide #AHomeForEveryOne of the 25,000 foster children like Zoe aging out of care annually.