It’s a small, yellow, unassuming house, tucked away behind some trees. But what’s behind its walls is saving lives.

This is a safe home, a sanctuary for young women who either aged out of foster care when they turned 18 or are survivors of human trafficking.

“We typically take in 18- to 19-year-olds at the beginning,” said Rich Tidwell, who runs Legacy Housing with his wife, Brandi. “They live with us through their GED or high school diploma programs and their college education.”

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Everyday Hero: Their Safe Haven Protects Young Women

by Asher Wildman, Spectrum News 13.

Rich and Brandi Tidwell have begun work in Ormond Beach they hope see spread across the country, one young woman at a time. They are running Legacy House, a home for female teens who have aged out of the foster care system and have no place to live.

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Ormond Church houses young women leaving foster care


Ormond Church, where Tidwell is a pastor, is currently looking to partner with 100 families who are willing to donate $50 a month to fund expenses for their current girls, and help them have enough money to bring in more.

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Legacy House welcomes new girls, seeks volunteer help

by Emily Blackwood, Ormond Beach Observer.

Every year, an average of 1,290 Florida children age out of foster care, many with no place to go and left vulnerable to pimps and traffickers. In fact, 60% of young people in the business of sex trafficking and prostitution were once in foster care.

High numbers like that are overwhelming and can make a problem as heavy as keeping foster kids off the street seem almost impossible to prevent. But what if we started smaller?

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