Preventing youth homelessness & sex trafficking
by providing free quality housing for at-risk aged-out foster youth
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Who We Are

Legacy Housing exists as a platform to help launch young men & women who have aged out of the foster care system into adult life with the tools necessary to succeed. We endeavor to help combat the increasing trend of youth homelessness and sex trafficking among the aged‐out foster community by providing safe housing, life development skills, and Christian discipleship. In addition we desire to see each of our residents achieve educational greatness, therefore our residents are required to take advantage of the scholarship opportunities available to them and continue their formal education while residing at Legacy Housing.

Overall we seek to be a community of support for every aged-out youth who joins our family both during their residency and in their life to come.

Rich Tidwell, CEO

Rich Tidwell is the founding CEO of Legacy Housing; he is passionately endeavoring to end youth homelessness and sex trafficking by providing free quality housing for at-risk aged-out foster youth. Rich is a graduate of International Seminary and Christian Apologist with over 1 million views on his YouTube Channel. Recipient of The Daytona Beach News Journal’s 40 Under 40 award, Rich and his wife Brandi are committed to providing “A Home for EveryOne” of the children aging out of foster care in the United States and abroad.

Russell & Daniela Holloway

Russell is the Director of the Port Orange, Daytona Beach, and the Ormond Beach Counseling Centers. Dr. Daniela is an anesthesiologist at Halifax Medical Center in Daytona Beach. Both care deeply about bringing healing to those in need here in Volusia County. Together they share why Legacy Housing is essential to our community and how we can all help bring healing to our orphan population.

Zoe’s Story

Zoe is the very first member of the Legacy Housing family! When she was 2 years old her father molested her sister, shortly after she went in to foster care. This is Zoe’s Story. Thank you for helping provide #AHomeForEveryOne of the 25,000 foster children like Zoe aging out of care annually.

shesurrendered Unmute

She Surrendered

With over 10,000 views, Rich Tidwell’s spoken word “She Surrendered” helped to raise awareness about the foster care to prostitution pipeline. Shortly after the videos release in 2015, hundreds of people joined together and raised over $50,000 to house age-out foster girls. We then launched our first Legacy House and began our mission to prevent youth homelessness and sex trafficking in the United States.



It’s a small, yellow, unassuming house, tucked away behind some trees. But what’s behind its walls is saving lives.

This is a safe home, a sanctuary for young women who either aged out of foster care when they turned 18 or are survivors of human trafficking.

“We typically take in 18- to 19-year-olds at the beginning,” said Rich Tidwell, who runs Legacy Housing with his wife, Brandi. “They live with us through their GED or high school diploma programs and their college education.”

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Everyday Hero: Their Safe Haven Protects Young Women

by Asher Wildman, Spectrum News 13.

Rich and Brandi Tidwell have begun work in Ormond Beach they hope see spread across the country, one young woman at a time. They are running Legacy House, a home for female teens who have aged out of the foster care system and have no place to live.

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Ormond Church houses young women leaving foster care


Ormond Church, where Tidwell is a pastor, is currently looking to partner with 100 families who are willing to donate $50 a month to fund expenses for their current girls, and help them have enough money to bring in more.

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Legacy House welcomes new girls, seeks volunteer help

by Emily Blackwood, Ormond Beach Observer.

Every year, an average of 1,290 Florida children age out of foster care, many with no place to go and left vulnerable to pimps and traffickers. In fact, 60% of young people in the business of sex trafficking and prostitution were once in foster care.

High numbers like that are overwhelming and can make a problem as heavy as keeping foster kids off the street seem almost impossible to prevent. But what if we started smaller?

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Secure Giving

60% of young people in the business of sex trafficking and prostitution were once in foster care, together we can change that.

Text the word “GIVE” and the AMOUNT (Ex. Give 50) to 386-753-7337. Fill out the secure form one time, select whether a single gift or recurring, then secure giving will be just a text away! Your gift is never charged to your phone bill!

Or you can give online by clicking the link below. It’s simple and secure, use your cell phone number to log in.
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All donations are tax deductible. Legacy Housing is a registered 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization.

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We’re looking for 100 people to join with us, month after month, providing safe housing for age-out foster girls in Florida. You can be one of them. Join the Legacy Housing Monthly Sponsorship family. Give Monthly
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Every $10k gift provides one child aging out of foster care with a home for a full year. This gift can be given one annually or divided into monthly contributions. Contact Us
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All the magic begins with a building. Help Legacy Housing provide more homes for aged-out foster youth by purchasing real estate on behalf of the organization. Contact Us
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Put on a concert with a local band in your area, donate the ticket sales to Legacy Housing. You can even invite Rich Tidwell to come speak! Contact Us
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Have a fancy dress up dinner and raise funding to house age-out foster girls and put an end to youth homelessness & sex trafficking. Contact Us
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Own a thrift store and want to give clothes? Do maintenance or AC repair and want to help? We would love to receive your product or service and give you a shout out to everyone we know! Contact Us

Invite your business, church, or organization to sleep outside with minimal shelter for a night. Ask friends to donate for every hour you endure. Contact Us

When you give to Legacy Housing

All donations are tax deductible. Legacy Housing is a registered 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization. View GuideStar Profile

Special Thanks

So many friends have helped make the Legacy House a reality. We thank each of you deeply for all you’ve done.

  • Angie Molina
  • Giving Firstfruits, Inc
  • Aswin Suri
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  • Russell & Daniela Holloway
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  • Meagan Scharmahorn
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  • Rick & Nina Tidwell
  • Robert Tidwell

Apply for Residency

Thank you for your interest in becoming a resident of the Legacy House! Have you aged-out of Foster Care in the State of Florida? Are you currently or soon to be homeless? Please download our residency application below, fill it out, and email to connect@legacyhousingproject.com


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Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.
James 1:27